CPS and RDNS meetup: Inês Sousa and Pedro Rosa

Speakers: Inês Sousa & Pedro Rosa, LASIGE – DI/FCUL

Date: June 2, 2022, 14h00


Talk 1: Integration of the ANNODE Framework for Real-time Water Monitoring

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks used in aquatic environments for continuous monitoring are typically subject to physical or environmental factors that create anomalies in collected data. The ANNODE framework uses neural networks that are trained to detect outliers in a time series dataset. This presentation aims to introduce the ANNODE+ framework which integrates the ANNODE framework for real-time water monitoring by extending it and improving the methods used for anomaly detection.

Short Bio: Inês Sousa is a Master Student. She is developing her thesis in the scope of cyber-physical systems, being advised by professor António Casimiro and professor José Cecílio.

Talk 2: Lightweight Cryptography for the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Abstract: Lightweight cryptography is a field that has been growing recently due to the demand for secure Internet of Things (IoT) applications. These algorithms aim to provide a level of security for computational power, memory, and energy-constrained devices. We present a new protocol based on lightweight cryptography algorithms that enable the generation and distribution of symmetric keys to be used in private communications on a wireless sensor network (WSN). The proposed protocol is designed to work in multi-hop communication networks, where nodes out of range of the Base Station are able to be part of the network, offering the exact security mechanisms that a node in the communication range of the Base Station has. The scheme is also intended to work in the single-hop protocol LoRaWAN.

Short Bio: Pedro Rosa is a Master’s student, developing his thesis in the area of security and IoT. He is advised by Professors José Cecílio and André Souto. He attends the AQUAMON project.