A&A Talks | PhD Lightning Talks


Speakers: A&A PhD students and Postdocs

When: Wednesday, 24th March, 13:00-14:30



Lightning Talks:

* Sérgio Alves, Citizen-led Experimentation of User Interfaces

* Diogo Branco, Using Mainstream Devices to Monitor Parkinson’s Disease

* Soraia Meneses Alarcão, Reminiscence Therapy Improvement using Emotional Information

* Filipa Rocha, Designing and Assessing Computational Thinking Training for Children with Visual Impairments

* David Gonçalves, Games as Inclusive Social Spaces

* Hugo Simão, Designing and evaluating robot programming environments to promote cognition and communication for care home dwellers

* Leticia Seixas, Authoring Accessible Social Media Contents