9th WideHealth Seminar: Catia Pesquita

The EU-funded WideHealth project aims to conduct research on pervasive eHealth and establish a sustainable network of research and dissemination across Europe.

Title: Knowledge Science for trust in AI-based biomedical and clinical applications
Speaker: Catia Pesquita, LASIGE – DI/FCUL
When: April 26, 2022 – 14:00 CET (1PM at Portugal)
Where: zoom link shared before the session to those who register
Registration link:

Abstract: Biomedical and clinical applications of artificial intelligence are increasingly popular in the scientific community. However, concerns about potential bias and the lack of explainability of high-performing machine learning methods such as deep learning are limiting their adoption in practice. In this talk I explain what knowledge science is and why it is key to assess the trustworthiness of biomedical data and AI outcomes. In particular, I discuss three contexts, data, domain and user, and draw on specific examples to illustrate pitfalls and how knowledge science can overcome them.

Short bio: Catia Pesquita is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa and a Senior Researcher at LASIGE where she leads the Health and Bioinformatics Research Line of Excellence. She has a multidisciplinary background in Biology and Computer Science, and she develops her research at the intersection between the areas of Knowledge Representation and Data Mining, with a focus on biomedical and healthcare applications. She has made internationally recognized contributions, namely in the areas of ontology-based semantic similarity and ontology alignment, winning multiple awards and competitions. She is deeply interested in how human knowledge can be communicated to computers and vice-versa.