SONAAR presented in the “Mosen At Large” podcast

Date: 02/06/2021

Carlos Duarte, LASIGE integrated member, presented the results of the SONAAR project in the “Mosen At Large” podcast. The interview aired on Sunday, June 6.

“Mosen At Large” is one of the most listened podcasts by the blind community, reaching thousands of listeners every week. The podcast focuses on technology from the blindness perspective. Jonathan Mosen, the host, invited the SONAAR team to present the project in the show.

SONAAR is an EU-funded project aiming at assisting users of social networks in creating more accessible content by suggesting textual descriptions for the images they post. SONAAR is also able to present those suggestions for images in other contexts, and thus offer further assistance to screen reader users. SONAAR is available for download as an Android Application or as a Google Chrome extension.

SONAAR is entering the final user study phase and looking for participants. If you are a screen reader user that is active on Twitter or Facebook and would like to participate, reach out to the SONAAR team at

The podcast is available here and transcripted here.