“Shape the Future: Research and Development Questions in Digital Accessibility” Symposium

Date: 12/11/2021

Our researchers, Carlos Duarte, LASIGE’s integrated member, and Letícia Pereira, Ph.D. collaborator, organized the online research symposium “Shape the Future: Research and Development Questions in Digital Accessibility“, that took place on November 10, 2021.

The “Shape the Future in Digital Accessibility” symposium aimed to identify research avenues for the coming years and to promote awareness and collaboration between researchers and practitioners. With increased awareness, researchers can orient efforts towards problems that practitioners face, and practitioners might use research results they were not aware of.

The online symposium brought together over 70 participants from research, academia, industry, government, and user organizations, over 3 sessions. Topics included the scope of accessibility guidelines, on how to educate for accessibility, and the contributions and limitations of artificial intelligence for accessibility.

The symposium was organized in the scope of the WAI-CooP project, by LASIGE researchers and members of the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group.