Sara C. Madeira project manager of Lisbon Urban Data Laboratory

Date: 20/05/2019

Sara C. Madeira, LASIGE’s integrated researcher, was appointed, in May 2019, to be Ciências ULisboa’s project manager of Lisbon Urban Data Laboratory (LxDataLab).

The LxDataLab results from a partnership between the Municipality of Lisbon and various educational and research institutions, as cities produce large amounts of data (originated from their internal systems, sensors, social networks, and various external systems) and academia has specialized technical resources to create value with it, but often does not have access to real data and is unaware of the real problems that come with running a city, therefore its mission is: “Create analytics and data visualization solutions supported by Big Data, capable of improving planning, operational and emergency management in the city of Lisbon, contributing to the sustainable improvement of the resilience and quality of life of those who live in, work in or visit it.”

Within the scope of LxDataLab, the Municipality defines the challenges it would like to be studied and provides the data for this purpose. Partners, universities, and research institutions, through their interested researchers and teachers, make available the specialized human and technical resources to meet the proposed challenges.