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Supporting Cognition Outlines on Psychological Evaluation

SCOPE’s (Supporting Cognition Outlines on Psychological Evaluation) main objective is the definition of computer support for psychological assessment, diagnosis and therapy processes. SCOPE supports psychotherapy processes through the use of adequate cognitive mapping tools, based on emerging interaction techniques and systems and on new and adaptive visualization approaches, that naturally integrate the interview, analysis and diagnosis process. The computational support aims at helping therapists delineate the cognitive organization and the dysfunctional cognitive processes of the patient, through cognitive and narrative approaches; as well as the patients work throughout the entire therapy process.

Some of the tasks that can be accomplished by using the available SCOPE prototypes are:

  • At the office, during a consultation, the gathering of the patient’s information, by both patient and clinician, through annotations or inquiries and tests
  • The manipulation and the analysis of the data gathered, by the therapist
  • The definition of a therapy composed by a set of steps that the patient needs to take. These steps are, in most cases, the filling of forms or thought annotation, with the objective of self-diagnosis and self-therapy
  • Creation of forms and inquiries specifically for each patient, adapting the standard forms to the patient’s needs
  • The filling of the forms, thought annotation and activity scheduling by the patient
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FFCUL (LaSIGE), PsiSaúde
Team at LASIGE