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Modelação do Fluxo de Estudantes no Sistema de Ensino Português

The goals of the ModEst (Student flow modeling in the Portuguese educational system) project are to produce reliable estimates of the relevant variables describing the student movements on the Portuguese educational system, at the NUTS 3 granularity level. The prediction models will be decomposed into several segments corresponding to the 6 stages of education available for the students. Some common estimates in all the segments will be admissions, progressions, dropouts, all on a yearly basis. The information to be used to build the models will be not only available at the DGEEC but also contextual, socio-economic data available in public repositories (e.g. INE, PorData). The overall goal is to provide a system with a degree of flexibility so that the DGEEC may consult it in specific variables and their projections. This means that models may be generated on demand. Moreover, the user should be able to specify input variables so that conditional projections can be made by the previously trained models.
The contributions of this project will be twofold: (i) we will develop and study methods for extracting relevant knowledge from the existing data, assessing a variety of machine learning and simulation models; and (ii) we will develop a user-centered application that will allow DGEEC to extract useful knowledge (based on the developed methodology) for decision-making, and continue updating the models with new information every year.

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Luís Correia
Instituto de Biosistemas & Ciências Integrativas (BioISI/FFC/FC/ULisboa)
Principal Investigator at LASIGE
Luís Correia
Team at LASIGE