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Kernel-based Architecture for safety-critical cONtrol

KARYON addresses the problem of finding robust cruising strategies for vehicles. They are based on information from other vehicles, an estimation of the global system state, and how confident one is about this estimation.
KARYON will define a system architecture that is based on a small local safety kernel that will prevent dangerous behaviour. Because this is a very small subsystem compared to the overall complex control system, its predictability can be justified. This is essential for guaranteeing overall safety along a set of safety rules. KARYON will further investigate the relevant fault detection concepts, particularly for the sensor systems, needed to show fulfilment of dependability attributes and argue about safety according to safety standards. Simulation and mixed reality techniques will be developed to validate the approach.
KARYON will integrate concepts in advanced event dissemination middleware and in improved simulation and fault-injection tools for assessing the behaviour of autonomous, mobile systems under failure conditions. The project will implement proof-of-concept prototypes and a simulation-based demonstration of the results for scenarios from the automotive and avionics areas, respectively.

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CP G.A. nº 288195
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Team at LASIGE