Miguel G. Silva and Sara C. Madeira research published in ACM Computing Surveys

Date: 26/06/2024

Miguel G. Silva, LASIGE’s PhD student, published a paper titled “A Comprehensive Survey on Biclustering-based Collaborative Filtering”, in ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) Journal, a top-ranked journal with an impact factor of 16.6, ranked 1/320 and 1/123 in Scimago’s Computer Science (miscellaneous), and Theoretical Computer Science categories, respectively. The paper co-authors are LASIGE’s integrated researcher Sara C. Madeira (Ciencias ULisboa) and Rui Henriques (INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico). The paper provides a formal ground to understand the role of clustering, coclustering, and biclustering tasks in implementing Collaborative Filtering-based recommender systems. It also proposes a taxonomy to categorize contributions in the field and comprehensively surveys state-of-the-art biclustering approaches to Collaborative Filtering, emphasizing their limitations and potentialities.

The paper is available here.