Luís Correia @ Priberam Machine Learning Lunch Seminar

Date: 18/04/2023

Luís Correia, LASIGE integrated member, was invited to talk at Priberam Machine Learning Lunch Seminar, held in Técnico, April 18, 2023.

The talk titled “Artificial evolution in the natural world” had the following abstract: «Evolutionary algorithms (EA) have proved as a robust optimization meta-heuristic in engineering problems. When we tackle problems in multi-agent systems, the nonlinear interactions set up an increasingly challenging context. And if the multi-agents are groups of animals interacting with artificial devices, whose control is evolved the difficulties are even higher. These occur both in perception when the EA needs to make sense of collective behavior from individual ones, and in actuation with the uncertainty of how some localized action impacts the collective. In this talk, we will illustrate these problems with the evolution of swarm robots and of bio-hybrid systems in which robotic devices interact with groups of different animal species.»

Priberam is part of the IST Spin-Off® Community.