LASIGE’s PhD Student @ PubhD

Date: 10/05/2023

Diana Sousa, LASIGE PhD Student, explained her research in the informal atmosphere of the bar Crew Hassan, held May 9, 2023, participating in the 67th PubhD of Lisbon.

Diana investigates machine learning in the clinical and biomedical domain and natural language processing and her talk “Use of machine learning tools in clinical documents to recommend new drugs and therapies” will allow the discovery of new applications of drugs to diseases, the identification of relationships between proteins and genes, or the prediction of disease progression taking into account the symptoms of many patients, based on identifying relationships between real clinical cases and entities of a biomedical nature present in scientific articles.

PubhD (from pub + PhD) is a monthly event where PhD students, from different fields – from sciences to humanities, from arts to engineering – talk about their research in a friendly environment at a bar. In return, the audience offers them drinks.