LASIGE turns 25!

Date: 30/06/2023

LASIGE will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next Wednesday, July 5. The upcoming anniversary will be one of the highlights of the 3rd edition of the LASIGE Forum. The celebration will be an opportunity for LASIGE members to meet the founders of the unit which will discuss their experience during and after (leaving) LASIGE and their perspective on LASIGE’s history and future.

LASIGE Forum will also be an opportunity for LASIGE students’ and researchers’ to get to know the work of LASIGE new member Bruno Loff. LASIGE’s PhD students David Gonçalves and Joel Samper will give a talk on their work and experience at LASIGE. Finally, this edition panel will be on Large Language Models.

The full event is being organised by LASIGE’s PhD Students Comission.

You are welcome to come and celebrate with us!