LASIGE team on the CAML Running Challenge

Date: 30/04/2023

LASIGE participated in the CAML Running Challenge, a solidarity race that took place last weekend. Our team comprised several members from the LASIGE community who came together to support a good cause and showcase our spirit of unity and camaraderie.

The CAML Running Challenge, an event organized by the Lisbon Academic Medical Center (CAML), attracted participants from various institutions to raise funds to support three charitable institutions – iMM Laço-Hub, GIRA, and Casa do Mimo. As a community, we are proud of our participation and the positive impact of “Team LASIGE” on the race.

We want to show our gratitude to our member Pedro Barbosa who suggested this event and encouraged us to participate, and to all the members of our team who showed up and gave their best efforts in the race.

We hope this was an excellent experience for those that attended the event and would like to encourage more LASIGE members to join in future events like this.

Together, we can make a difference and continue demonstrating the values that strengthen our community.