LASIGE researcher on ULisboa redeSAÚDE’s team

Date: 29/05/2020

Francisco M. Couto is one of FCUL’s three representatives in the recently approved composition of ULisboa Interdisciplinary Thematic Network redeSAÚDE.

The network redeSAÚDE, coordinated by Rogério Sá Gaspar, Full Professor at ULisboa’s Faculty of Pharmacy, aims to set the University research strategy in the Health Science and Technology area and to develop excellent research considering the challenges launched by national and international research programmes. This network is particularly relevant to promote the necessary interdisciplinarity while bridging knowledge areas compatible with innovation processes in Health and Healthy Living. It also contributes to the development of an interface between Science and Public Policies activating a partnership network which stimulates a collaborative effort to match national and international goals.

ULisboa, currently, has four additional Thematic Interdisciplinary Networks: redeAGRO (key-areas: Agro-Food and Forestry), redeMOV (key areas: Smart Urban Mobility), redeMAR (key area: Sea) and redeESPAÇO (key areas: Space and Extreme Environments).

These Interdisciplinary Thematic Networks aim to mobilize ULisboa professors and researchers in specific areas of knowledge to increase the University’s participation in international networks. This will contribute to a better positioning of ULisboa for the smart specialization strategies (RIS3) within the Portugal 2020 framework and for Horizon 2020 societal challenges.