LASIGE research Published in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management

Date: 22/06/2023

The paper “Light-SAE: A lightweight authentication protocol for large-scale IoT environments made with constrained devices”, authored by LASIGE’s student Pedro Rosa (former LASIGE member), André Souto, and José Cecílio (integrated researchers at LASIGE) has been published in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management journal.

The paper presents a modular solution that capitalizes on the strengths of lightweight cryptography to offer an approach that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of private wireless sensor networks. The solution is designed to work in multi-hop communication networks, where Nodes out of range of the Gateway can be part of the network, offering the same security level that a Node in the communication range of the Gateway has. The solution incorporates key renewal mechanisms and supports the use of signature schemes for integrity, and it was designed to be distributed to achieve high levels of scalability.

The paper is available: here.