LASIGE publication @ IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Date: 29/06/2020

The paper "Model-Based Stealth Attack to Networked Control System Based on Real-Time Ethernet", co-authored by António Casimiro (LASIGE integrated researcher) and other researchers (Paolo Ferrari, Emiliano Sisinni, Paolo Bellagente, Stefano Rinaldi, Marco Pasetti, Alan Oliveira de Sá, Raphael C. S. Machado, Luiz F. R. da C. Carmo) has been published at IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, a top-ranked journal (h5-index 126).

The paper explains how to perform a stealth attack to a networked control system and disrupt its operation, with potentially harmful consequences. The attack is developed by causing the loss of selected samples from the forward and feedback streams, which requires: a) determining the exact samples that must be lost and b) exploiting particular characteristics of the underlying communication protocol. The effectiveness of the attack is illustrated on a real PROFINET network, raising awareness for the need to better secure industrial control systems.

Early Access to the paper is provided on IEEE Xplore.