LASIGE PhD students participate on Ciências ULisboa and UPskill collaboration

Date: 09/08/2023

Recently, Ciências ULisboa joined the programme UPskill – Digital Skills and Jobs, a programme that aims to retrain unemployed or underemployed people in the various areas of Information and Communications Technologies, guaranteeing them employability. Launched in March 2020, the UPskill Programme is one of the flagship initiatives of the “Action Plan for the Digital Transition”. This re-skilling programme also responds to the lack of digital talent national companies are confronted with in their transformation processes.

Ciências ULisboa participates as a training organisation and several LASIGE PhD students were called to participate. Diogo Branco, Diogo Soares, Jéssica Catarino, Miguel G. Silva, Pedro Cotovio, Ricardo Carvalho, and Susana Nunes, coordinated by LASIGE integrated member Nuno Garcia, train mostly students without a technological background, teaching them coding skills that will enable them to work on application software on low-code development platforms.

The LASIGE team is proud to take part in Ciências ULisboa initiatives for the transfer of knowledge in the digital area.