LASIGE @ Encontro Ciência 2023

Date: 10/07/2023

LASIGE participated in the annual science meeting organized by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), the Foundation that supports Science and Technology in Portugal, held in Aveiro, Portugal, on July 5-7, 2023, and some of our students could present their posters:

“Can ChatGPT explain protein interactions better than Knowledge Graphs?”, by Rita T. Sousa, Sara Silva, and Cátia Pesquita

“AML-Robust Network Intrusion Detection based on diversity and Machine Learning”, by Allan Espindola, António Casimiro, Pedro M. Ferreira, Altair Santin, and Eduardo Viegas

“Genetic Engine: Improving Machine Learning Interpretability with Genetic Programming”, by Eduardo Madeira, Leon Ingelse, Guilherme Espada, Paulo Santos, Pedro Barbosa, Alcides Fonseca.