LASIGE contributes to the study of Portugal’s development strategy

Fundacao Manuel Santos
Date: 25/02/2021

LASIGE was invited, as an Excellent R&D unity, by Manuel dos Santos Foundation, to participate in a diagnostic questionnaire about the Portuguese ability to transfer knowledge technologies to the industry.

The foundation is promoting an extensive study on the challenges of the Portuguese economy in the next decade, focusing on the conditions of the paradigm shift from “made in” to “created in” Portugal, seeking to contribute to the discussion of the strategy of the country’s development in the post-COVID context. It aims to propose a strategy for the R&D-led reindustrialization of Portugal, inserted on the European Agenda for reindustrialization.

LASIGE points out the two most promising technologies with very high potential to be transferred to the market, in the next future, developed in its research unit:

– the H2020 SATO project, that aims to develop an energy assessment and optimization platform (the SATO platform) that enables the monitoring and visualization of the consumption of equipment and devices in buildings throughout its life;

– the H2020 KATY project, that aims to develop an AI-empowered Personalized Medicine system that is accessible, trustworthy, and feasible to clinicians and researchers treating cancer patients.

Vawlt (a customized cloud-of-clouds solution that distributes customer data across several public access clouds, ensuring maximum security against data loss and intrusions) was also mentioned as one of the most promising technologies already transferred to the market, developed at LASIGE.