Keynote speaker at AAATE 2023

Date: 23/08/2023

Tiago Guerreiro will be a keynote speaker at the 17th International Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE 2023). The event will start next week, August 30, and will take place in Paris, France.

The AAATE conference is a great opportunity to get a broad and in-depth picture of new developments, research outcomes and impacts in Assistive Technology (AT) and accessibility. It is the platform for researchers, practitioners, expert AT users and other stakeholders to share their work and present in front of an international expert community. It is also an opportunity for a comprehensive discussion on AT involving researchers, developers, manufacturers, practitioners, AT users and policymakers working together such that the field continues to evolve and contributes to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities.

The LASIGE integrated member will give the opening keynote. The speech, titled “Designing Inclusive Technologies that Promote Collaboration, Playfulness, and Self-Efficacy”, will address the researcher’s team’s engagements with communities of people with disabilities and their commitment to approach accessibility as a requirement (instead of an after-thought) in the creation of interactive experiences in the contexts of inclusive learning, inclusive gaming, and human-robot interaction. The researcher will present the different research projects in which his team has been involved over the years and share the different methodologies applied to better understand the communities the team collaborates with and the impact of those interventions.