José Coelho research on wearable sensors published in Sensors

Date: 16/04/2021

LASIGE researcher José Coelho published joint work with four KU Leuven researchers in the MDPI Sensors journal (h5-index: 104). The paper entitled “Recognition of Bathroom Activities in Older Adults Using Wearable Sensors: A Systematic Review and Recommendations” focuses on researching the use of wearable sensors for the detection of ADL activities by the elderly in contexts where falls typically occur. The automatic detection of these types of activities can help not only to preserve the independence of these people (enabling them to continue to live at home) but also to save very needed resources in the Health sector.

The research is the first literature survey on the detection of ADL activities in the bathroom using wearable devices and shows that although wearable devices are highly common today, there is still a clear shortage of solutions capable of being widely used in this context. In addition, this critical review results in several recommendations for future studies that could have a great impact on the health-related sector.

KU Leuven is ranked as a top 50 school in the World University Rankings, and this work happens as a result of José Coelho’s short-stay in that University in June 2019.