Invited Talk @WEPO 2021

Date: 18/11/2021

Sara Silva will deliver an invited talk at the 2nd Workshop on Evolutionary and Population-based Optimization (WEPO 2021). The workshop will be held online on Nov 30, 2021. The workshop WEPO 2021 is intended to foster the discussion about Evolutionary Computation (EC) and Population-based Optimization (PO).

Sara Silva’s talk, titled “Building the Building Blocks – Evolving Hyper-Features for Model Robustness and Readability”, will address M3GP, a Genetic Programming variant that was recently also proved to be a powerful method for evolving hyper-features from the original data (for both classification and regression, and for a variety of machine learning methods) and how the evolved hyper-features can improve the robustness and readability of data models, as demonstrated from the researcher’s work with remote sensing.