Invited talk @ UCLIC

Date: 17/03/2022

João Guerreiro was the invited speaker of the most recent UCLIC Research Seminar, held on March 16, 2022. The LASIGE researcher addressed the challenges that blind people face to independently navigate their surroundings in the talk titled “Supporting Independent Navigation of Blind People”.

UCLIC is a leading UK Centre of Excellence in Human-Computer Interaction teaching and research at University College London. The last events on their ongoing UCLIC Research Seminar Series have focused on accessibility and inclusivity.

In his talk, João Guerreiro presented some of the technological solutions he and his previous team developed and evaluated to enable and support blind users to navigate unknown locations by themselves. His current research continues to focus on improving blind people’s access to the physical and digital worlds using novel non-visual interaction techniques and systems. He is a member of the SONAAR project team, which goal is to prototype mechanisms capable of increasing the amount of accessible user-generated content available on social networks on mobile and desktop platforms.