International Day of Education 2023

Date: 24/01/2023

The year 2023 marks the mid-point since the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for people, planet, and prosperity, with a set of 17 interlocked goals that will come up for review at the SDG Summit on the theme of investing in people Education must be prioritized to accelerate progress towards all the SDGs against the backdrop of a global recession, growing inequalities and the climate crisis. Building on the global momentum generated by the UN Transforming Education Summit (TES), in September 2022, this year’s International Day of Education will call for maintaining strong political mobilization around education and chart the way to translate commitments into action, pressing for society-wide engagement to meet our education goals and drum up awareness on the six global initiatives to transform education.

Fulfilling the right to education requires bold action in the areas outlined in the UN Secretary General’s vision statement to ensure inclusive, safe, and healthy learning environments; empower teachers, harness the digital revolution for the benefit of public education, and invest more equitably and efficiently.

LASIGE also knows that only by equipping youth for the future that we can transform the future, which is why it also supports the motto: “to invest in people, prioritize education”!