Immersive Media Experiences 2015 next Friday, October 30th

Date: 28/10/2015

The Immersive Media Experiences 2015 workshop takes place next Friday, October 30th, in Brisbane, Australia, in the context of the international conference ACM Multimedia 2015.

This international workshop was created by the chairs, from LaSIGE @ULisboa (Teresa Chambel), INESC-TEC, UTAustin, MIT Media Lab and BBC, at the premier international conference on multimedia: ACM Multimedia. This is the 3rd edition of the workshop, after the first successful editions in Barcelona, Spain, in 2013, and in Orlando, FL, USA in 2014.

The program includes a keynote talk about “Immersive Shared Experiences” by Pablo Cesar, from CWI, The Netherlands, paper sessions on “Audiovisual Immersion and Enabling Technologies”, “Collaborative and Participatory Scenarios in Augmented Reality”, and “Human Aspects in Immersive Media Experiences”, and a final participatory session on “Demos & Discussion – Immersive Media: experiences & perspectives”.