Immersive Media Experiences 2015 co-organized by LaSIGE

Date: 10/07/2015

Teresa Chambel is co-organizing the Immersive Media Experiences Workshop @ACM Multimedia 2015, taking place in Brisbane, Australia, on October 26-30, 2015.

This international workshop was created by the chairs, from LaSIGE @ULisboa, INESC-TEC, UTAustin, MIT Media Lab and BBC, at the premier international conference on multimedia: ACM Multimedia. This is the 3rd edition of the workshop, after the first successful editions in Barcelona, Spain, in 2013, and in Orlando, FL, USA in 2014.

Immersive media has the potential for strong impact on users’ emotions and their sense of presence and engagement. Immersion may be influenced by sensory modalities, surround effect, and vividness through resolution, associated with the sense of presence, the viewer’s conscious feeling of being inside the virtual world; and by participation and social immersion in the media chain, increasing the sense of belonging.

This workshop takes place in the middle of a media revolution where users are expecting to take part in the action by interacting with and generating content and to experience immersive and personalized environments. Its goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners in this interdisciplinary and transversal emerging field, and to foster discussion of ongoing work and future directions of related topics by providing a forum for focused exchanges on new ideas, developments, and results.