Ibéria Medeiros featured in the latest “Porquês com Ciência” video

Date: 04/11/2022

LASIGE’s integrated researcher Ibéria Medeiros is the protagonist of the third video of “Porquês com Ciência” (“Whys with Science”, in English), a science outreach project by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Ciências ULisboa). In the short video, displayed below and available on YouTube, Ibéria Medeiros addressed doubts about cibersecurity (their research interest) by answering the question “Is it possible to fight a hacker attack in an extraordinarily simple way?”.

The purpose of the “Porquês com Ciência” project is to contribute to scientific culture within society and the media, enhancing scientific knowledge, the image of the century-old institution and its professors. Five videos featuring five Ciências ULisboa scientists will be launched on the YouTube channel by the end of the year and promoted on different media and schools.

In parallel with the release of the video, Ciências ULisboa is also publishing the profile of the featured scientist in the news section of its website. Ibéria Medeiros profile is available here.

Image: DCI Ciências ULisboa