Helder Coelho keynote speaker at PhDCS

Date: 25/10/2022

Helder Coelho, LASIGE integrated member, gave a keynote speech, titled “Looking Now to Complexity”, in the context of the ISCTE/FCUL Ph.D. Program in Complexity Sciences, October 24-25, 2022.

The Ph.D. Program in Complexity Sciences provides integrated training and skills that allow its students to understand, via the application of modelling methodologies and data modelling, the diverse and complex environments in which they exist. Students will also gain the skills to solve complex problems using theoretical bases and computational technologies, applied in particular to complex social systems.

The Ph.D. program in Complexity Sciences has a three-year duration and is entirely taught in English at ISCTE, under the direction of Jorge Louçã, and at the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), under the direction of Andreia Sofia Teixeira, also a LASIGE integrated member.

It has an international dimension based on relations with European and American Universities and also with the Complex Systems Society. This program provides teacher exchange relationships with several research groups dedicated to compex systems.