Guest Editor @ Springer MTAP Special Issue on Multimedia Alternate Realities
Date: 26/02/2020

Teresa Chambel is Guest Editor of the Springer Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) Special Issue on “Multimedia Alternate Realities: enabling technologies, mediated interactions and experiences”, along with co-editors:

Francesca De Simone
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the Netherlands

Rene Kaiser
Know-Center – Research Center for Data-Driven Business & Big Data Analytics, Austria

Nimesha Ranasinghe
School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine, ME, USA

Wendy Van den Broeck
imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Omar Aziz Niamut
TNO, the Netherlands

Following three inspiring editions of the Multimedia Alternate Realities workshop at the ACM Multimedia conference, the premier international conference on Multimedia, this MTAP (Q1) Special Issue brings new opportunities to share ideas and results. Research contributions may explore how the synergy between multimedia technologies and its perceptual/cognitive effects can foster the creation of alternate realities and make their access an enriching and valuable experience, as decribed in the Call for Papers.

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