FCT approved the CSESI Hub CoLAB

Date: 08/07/2019

FCT (Portuguese National Science Foundation) approved the creation of the CoLAB “CSESI Hub – CoLAB Smart Energy Services Innovation Hub”.
FCUL is a member of the consortium that proposed the creation of the CSESI Hub CoLAB, LASIGE being one of the two FCUL research units that will participate in the R&D developed by the CoLAB. Pedro Ferreira coordinated LASIGE contribution to the proposal.

The research and innovation agenda of the CSESI Hub CoLAB arises from the need to generate knowledge and technology for key industry challenges, such as distributed energy resources management, energy management, flexibility, storage, or mobility, leveraged by multi-disciplinary core competences including the IoT, hardware and software development, big data and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, Service Design and Design Thinking, or UX/UI design. The CoLAB will invest on each of these areas and start pushing for Intellectual Property (IP) and projects with external parties that intersect with the relevant challenges and competences.