FCCN Tool: – Portuguese Web Archive

Date: 16/10/2015 – the Portuguese Web Archive is a research infrastructure, developed by FCCN, that enables search and access to files archived from the web since 1996.
Its main objective is the preservation of information published on the Web for research purposes.
The project was lead by Daniel Gomes, LaSIGE Collaborator and FCCN Member, where he coordinates the Portuguese Web Archive project and the Web Development unit. – the Portuguese Web Archive: search pages from the past
The Portuguese Web Archive preserves millions of files archived from the web since 1996 and provides a public search service over this information. It contains information in several languages.
Periodically it collects and stores information published on the web. Then, it processes the collect data to make it searchable, providing a “Google-like” service that enables searching the past web. This preservation workflow is performed through a large-scale distributed information system.