Carlos Duarte becomes Co-Chair of the W3C ACT Rules Community Group

Date: 17/09/2020

Starting September 2020, LASIGE’s Carlos Duarte has joined Deque’s Wilco Fiers as co-chair of the ACT Rules Community Group. This W3C community group’s mission is to document and harmonize the interpretation of W3C accessibility standards, such as WCAG and WAI-ARIA, for testing purposes. The ACT-R community group achieves this by bringing together the people developing, implementing and using various accessibility testing tools and methodologies to document interpretations as test rules. The outcomes of the group’s work are made available for the future improvement of documents produced by the Accessibility Guidelines Work Group. The ACT-R community is an open community, meaning that anyone with an interest in this work is welcome to participate.

The LASIGE’s team responsible for the development of QualWeb has contributed over the past years to the ACT-R group’s efforts, both by writing and reviewing new ACT rules, and by implementing ACT rules in QualWeb.