Carlos Duarte @ 90 segundos de Ciência

Date: 19/12/2022

Carlos Duarte, LASIGE integrated member, was the guest on the 90 Segundos de Ciência podcast today, December 19, 2022, talking about the developments of Qualweb.

Qualweb is a tool that allows you to evaluate the accessibility of websites automatically. This tool can, for example, evaluate the images that are present on the web page and check if they contain a description so that people blind people can understand what is in that image.

Our researcher also said that “What we are trying to do, however, is to push these limits a little further and try to find ways to automatically help humans, even more, using artificial intelligence techniques to understand whether the contents that exist in an image correspond to what is written in the descriptions”.

These developments have contributed over the past years to the ACT Rules Community Group group’s efforts, both by writing and reviewing new ACT rules and by implementing ACT rules in QualWeb, and Carlos Duarte became co-chair of the ACT Rules Community Group (W3C), last September 2020.

The podcast is available here.