CAMELOT project at CMU Portugal Summit

Date: 14/12/2022

The CAMELOT project, was presented at the CMU Portugal Summit 2022 – New Frontiers in Tech, an event that took place in Lisbon on November 9 and 10. The conference’s aim was to bring together experts from Portuguese universities, Carnegie Mellon University, and companies to present ICT research progress in areas as diverse as Health, Forests, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Language Technologies, Machine learning, among others. The event gathered over 170 people to discuss cutting-edge topics in ICT.

The conference also served as a platform to present to the CMU Portugal External Review Committee the work and the outcomes made by the Program in the last year, giving them a broad perspective of the research and education initiatives being developed under the scope of the Program. The CAMELOT project was presented on the day 2 panel “Adaptive, automated, and autonomic computing” by its industry PI Pedro Bizarro (Feedzai and LASIGE’s Advisory Board Member). The large-scale collaborative research project gathers academia (LASIGE/FCUL, led by LASIGE’s integrated member Alcides Fonseca, and CMU) and industry (Feedzai) with the ambitious goal of reducing the use of computer resources to save costs and energy, keep personal data private, and even build systems with more transparency and fairness are impactful in our society, where service delivery, particularly in the financial sector and retail industries, is increasingly dependent on technology. The project ends in January 2023.

The panel discussion is available below (starting at 04:10:03):