AQUAMON project demo at Baía do Seixal

Date: 24/11/2022

On November 24, 2022, the AQUAMON project organized a session to demonstrate some of the project results. The session took place at the “Lisboa à Vista” restaurant, which kindly provided the space (a boat docked at Baía do Seixal) not just for the demonstration, but also for placing water sensors and a LoRa gateway node, which was used for providing network connectivity to sensors located in the bay area.

António Casimiro, José Cecílio, and Luís Pinto, LASIGE integrated members, and their partners from LNEC co-organized the presentation to Câmara Municipal do Seixal representatives.

During the session it was possible to show real-time data collection from a water level sensor located on the other side of the bay, and also the automatic data quality characterization and possible correction. Data correction situations occur when the quality is deemed insufficient (for instance due to sensor interferences) or when data is lost during transmission (in which case the lost data is replaced by resorting to artificial intelligent methods).

There are currently 5 sensors installed at Baía do Seixal, providing not only water level data but also data about water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and other parameters, which may allow for assessing water quality.

The AQUAMON project ended on September 30, 2022, and plans are being made to possibly continue the activities in the context of a new project, leveraging the work and the good results that were achieved to extend and consolidate the sensor network that was already deployed.