Andreia Sofia Teixeira keynote speaker @ BIFI2024

Date: 01/02/2024

Andreia Sofia Teixeira, LASIGE integrated member, was a keynote speaker at the XI International Conference BIFI 2024 (BIFI 2024), held in Zaragoza, on January 17-19, 2024.

The abstract of the talk concerned about: “With the World Health Organization’s alarming estimation that 1 in 4 individuals globally will experience mental or neurological disorders, we are confronted with what some label as an ongoing pandemic. This talk delves into the imperative task of unraveling the intricate mechanisms behind these disorders, emphasizing the important role of AI methods and Network Science. Beginning with a brief overview of AI methods, we explore their utility as predictive tools for identifying and addressing mental health issues. Navigating the prevalence of mental health disorders, particularly with over 264 million people affected by depression and the stark reality of suicide, claiming nearly 800,000 lives annually, we uncover the potential of network algorithms to comprehend better the structure and complexity of emotional states. We underscore the urgency for an integrative and holistic approach to indicators of mental health disorders. In conclusion, we explore potential challenges and opportunities in this field, navigating ethical considerations with care. This discussion aims to contribute to a broader understanding of the complexities of mental health, fostering a path toward a more compassionate and comprehensive global approach.”

BIFI gathered under the same umbrella a wide variety of leading scientists working in an array of fields in Physics, Biology, and Statistics where the development and applications of AI and ML-based Methodologies are pivotal. All topics broadly related to AI and ML applications in these disciplines were welcomed to the meeting.