Andreia Sofia Teixeira at CompleNet’s Organising Committee

Date: 27/04/2023

Andreia Sofia Teixeira, LASIGE’s integrated member, was a member of the Organising Committee of the 14th International Conference on Complex Networks 2023 (CompleNet’23), which took place from April 25-28, in Aveiro, Portugal.

The CompleNet brings together researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines working on areas related to complex networks. It has been an active conference since 2009.

Our researcher was also chair of one of the keynote speakers, Anxo Sánchez, and participated in several panels as Biology & Brain, with her work “ALS stratification using Patient Similarity Networks”, co-authored with LASIGE researchers Eleonora Auletta, and Sara C. Madeira, and the work developed at “Brain’s dynamic functional organization with simultaneous EEG-fMRI networks” also co-authored with LASIGE researcher Francisca Ayres-Ribeiro, and the panel Structure V with the research developed in “Heterogeneity- and homophily-induced vulnerability of a p2p network formation model: the IOTA autopeering protocol”.

At the poster session could present the “ERC20 Governance Token Ownership Across Decentralised Finance Protocols On Ethereum” poster, co-authored with LASIGE researcher Thomas Eisermann, and joint work with Fábio Cruz, LASIGE researcher, “Community Structure In Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Of Yeast Species”, that was also present at the event.

More information about CompleNet’23 can be found here.