Ana Pires talks about her work at “O que faço aqui?”

Date: 31/03/2020

Ana Pires, LASIGE’s integrated member, was interviewed for Ciências ULisboa rubric “O que faço aqui?” (“What am I doing here?”, in English). This rubric presents interviews with researchers from Ciências ULisboa universe with the goal to learn more about the science being developed by our Faculty community.

In the small interview we get to know more about the research work she is developing in LASIGE, that falls within the scope of the Accessibility and Ageing research line. In a world increasingly dependent of digital technologies, the researcher brings together Psychology (her background area) and Computer Science with the purpose of creating inclusive technologies that propel, mostly in children with and without visual impairment, the acquisition of essential skills. This is especially relevant because of predictions (by OCDE) that by 2030 there will not be enough people with the necessary digital working skills demanded by our society rapid technological change. By working to provide technological solutions that promote digital literacy accessible to all, Ana Pires and her colleagues are doing their part in fostering a more equal and inclusive society.

Read the whole interview in Portuguese here.