ADMORPH project final review

Date: 19/09/2023

The ADMORPH project final review took place on September 14, with all participants and reviewers joining remotely by videoconference (as shown in the screenshot).

Despite the challenging setup, several demos were shown over the day, most of them making use of videos prepared in advance, but also with live demos. LASIGE researchers António Casimiro, José Cecílio and Georg Jäger attended the review and presented some of the work done in the project through a video of the Self-Balancing Robot demonstration prepared over the last months. The reviewers praised the video, mentioning that the demonstration was very clear. The overall review went very well, receiving positive informal comments in the end. The consortium worked very well together and is currently working towards the preparation of a new European project proposal.

Let’s hope for the best and for more success in the future!