2nd LaSIGE Workshop (2017)

Date: 06/01/2017

The 2nd LaSIGE Workshop will be held in January 18, 2017 and aims at reinforcing the connections among its members and the scientific community.

This venue has three main goals:

  • Discuss the current status of LaSIGE and its next steps.
  • Create synergies between LaSIGE and other research labs by disseminating scientific works and sharing research impressions.
  • Bring together all LaSIGE members to discuss the challenges and potential solutions that each line or researcher is pursuing.

Various works of its members will be presented during the event, that also count with invited lectures by Prof. Patrick Olivier, founder and leader of the Open Lab research center, and Prof. Luís Caires director of the NOVA LINCS research center.

Full program of the event: Link

The event follows the steps taken in his first edition, LaSIGE Workshop 2015, held in November 7, 2015.